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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Why The Original Sanibel Arms Is The Best Resort Destination In Florida

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With over 1,300 golf courses in Florida, temperatures in the low 80s during the summer and the high 60s during the winter season, and miles of beautiful coastline, it's no wonder that Florida is the top travel destination in the world with 87.3 million visitors recorded in 2011. Given the renown of South Florida, one might be tempted to choose Miami as a vacation destination, but the city's overcrowded nature isn't always the best for a vacation experience.

However, the west coast of Southern Florida is home to Sanibel Island, a hidden gem of Florida’s tourist and residential culture. Sanibel Island is ideally suited to provide the desired respite, with an area of 33 miles total, only two buildings over three stories in height on the island as well as an absence of traffic lights and other symptoms of traffic congestion. It's easy to see why many people love to visit Sanibel Island. But with many Sanibel condos, resorts and other areas to visit, it begs the question: where is the best place to vacation on Sanibel Island?

In terms of choosing your specific Sanibel getaway, the Original Sanibel Arms is the ideal spot for vacationers of all kinds, particularly families, couples and foreign travelers. With Sanibel condos directly by the beach with access to the Gulf of Mexico, plenty of opportunities for Sanibel fishing, birdwatching and other beachfront activities, and a full clubhouse for guests to utilize, it’s hard to beat the Original Sanibel Arms for a seaside getaway.

Staying at the Original Sanibel Arms affords travelers the opportunity to check out a wide variety of local attractions, such as an observation tower, a small zoo containing birds and lemurs, and many walkable trails. There is even said to be a couple of bald eagles that perches up in a tree behind the local Dairy Queen, that can be best seen around sunrise and sunset. It's little discoveries like these that make Sanibel Island such an amazing place to visit.

With weekly vacation rentals in island accommodations in Sanibel condos of magnificent beauty, we're sure that you will have a lovely vacation experience here at the Original Sanibel Arms and on the island in general. Chime in below with comments, questions and feedback.

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