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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Island Condos: The Rising Trend in Vacationing

island condos

Are you planning a Spring Break vacation to remember? Are you a parent hoping to show your kids the best family vacation yet?

With the cold weather fast approaching, people are taking their vacation days and flocking to warmer weather. A new trend has taken over the world of vacationing in the form of island condos. While southern states have long been a choice for vacations, some vacationers are taking it a step further by looking for vacation accommodations in the form of island condominiums.

When most people think of "island" vacations, they think of the Caribbean or another equatorial destination. However, families are now finding the same tropical feel without leaving the United States. A popular vacation destination for years, Florida has become the place for families seeking island condos without having to get out their passport. The peninsula state is also the top travel destination spot in the world, with more than 97 million visitors in 2014. That record number continues to climb each year. The tourism industry Florida has an economic impact of $67 billion on the state's economy.

The appeal of Florida isn't lost on most. South Florida has an average summer temperature of 82 degrees and 68.5 degrees in the winter. This makes for perfect golf weather and with more than 1,300 golf courses, Florida has golfers of any skill-level covered. Aside from the weather, Florida is large enough that there are accommodations for every type of vacationer.

Many vacation spots are now offering weekly condo rentals and oceanfront condo rentals. For instance, Sanibel Island is a popular destination for families looking for a small-town feel with a tropical atmosphere. It boasts classic Florida weather but maintains the look of Small Town USA. The island has no traffic lights and only two buildings are taller than three stories, making it the perfect vacation spot for families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

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