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The Importance of Stormproofing Island Condos

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As the top travel destination in the world with almost 90 million visitors each year, Florida has about 1,000 new people moving to the state every single day. Considering the state's average annual temperature is 82.7 degrees in the summer and 68.5 degrees in the winter, this number isn't very surprising. With more people flocking to the state everyday, properties are popping up everywhere. These properties include island condos, beachfront condos, and oceanfront rentals.

For those who own vacation rental accommodations or a permanent home, storm-proofing is an incredibly important aspect of homeownership. With hurricanes and strong storms ripping through the state on a relatively consistent basis, windproofing and hurricaneproofing your condo can mean the difference between having a home after a storm passes and being left with nothing.

Florida has certain laws in place for condos and other properties in terms of necessary insurance policies. However, having insurance isn't enough to protect you and your home from destruction when a storm hits. By installing windproof garage doors and roof, you can insure that a strong wind won't find a way to tear your roof off its foundation after your garage doors fail.

Another important aspect of wind and stormproofing is to clear the area surrounding your home. Making sure your front and backyard are free of any debris before a storm hits will help keep branches, sticks and rocks from becoming dangerous objects when they're caught by a strong wind.

Impact-resistant windows and doors will ensure that flying debris won't wind up in your home, posing serious threats to the well-being of those in the home. Even the smallest objects can become deadly when caught by hundred mile per hour winds.

While stormproofing may seem like a luxury that isn't necessary, those living in coastal states, especially in island condos, can't afford to pass on it. The process may be a hassle but it can be the difference between life and death for those occupying a home during a severe storm or hurricane.

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