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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Your Next Adventure: Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

vacation rentalThe benefits of taking regular vacations are well-documented. More than 80% of leisure travelers consider regular vacations to play an important part on their overall emotional and physical health, while more than half of vacationers come back feeling more rested, relaxed and refreshed than when they left.

While vacations certainly aren't a new concept, the digital age has brought with it an entirely new market for vacation accommodations. The age of the Internet has allowed families an entire plethora of options for accommodations.

With sites like AirBnB and Craigslist ruling the temporary housing industry, vacationers are able to find homes or apartments to stay in for the length of their trip. As an alternative to hotels, let’s check out the benefits of vacation rentals:

Vacation rental accommodations provide the luxury of amenities that hotels lack. With the use of a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms and possibly even the use of a driveway, a vacation home can take away some of the stress of living out of a hotel while helping you save money on eating out.

The average hotel room is around 400 square feet, depending on your budget. The average vacation condos or homes run at 2,000 square feet, often with multiple beds and bathrooms. This allows for more people to share the cost of a vacation rental without the need of squeezing into a cramped hotel room.

With the ability to sleep more than one or two people, vacation rentals allow for more people to tag along, which means more people can split the already low cost. It's also worth noting that the average 1,300 square foot condo can sleep six people while costing less per night than a hotel.

Unless a hotel suite is in your budget, many hotel rooms don’t come with any kitchen amenities. This means having to pay for meals, whether they’re served at a restaurant or through room service. With a vacation rental, vacationers have the option to cook meals at home rather than eat out. This can save each person hundreds of dollars over the course of a week-long vacation.

When planning your next vacation or business trip, don’t take renting a vacation home out of the equation. With added amenities and lower daily costs, vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels.


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