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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Why You Should Take Yourself on a Vacation Now

island condosPeople get so stuck in their work and way of life that it can be difficult to reach out and do something different, like vacation. However, they really have to. Vacation is good for your physical, mental, and emotional well being. In fact, approximately 80% of avid travelers do it because they consider the break to be incredibly important to their well being. Picture it: island condos, lapping shores, white sand, no stress, no bills, no work, just pure relaxation and bliss. Other than that, here are a few reasons to back up why you should take a vacation:

  1. Your Body Needs a Break
    Every three out of four executives believe that if you want to prevent burnout on the job or improve job performance, you should take a vacation. Some have even realized that being on vacation can inspire and improve creativity. Vacation allows them to brainstorm new ideas that benefit their business or company. Athletes, musicians, chess players and other professional performers will often take a lot of breaks over the course of their training in order to properly allow their body to recover and build muscle without overworking and damaging it. The mind is no different; it needs island condos and drinks with umbrellas every now and again.
  2. Relaxing Causes the Brain to Work
    You may not notice it, but something about sitting among the island condos and oceanfront rentals will force your brain to be active. The brain always needs something to do, even if you don't notice it. Studies have shown that the brain does its best work when it is relaxed. It can use the time to properly focus on memorizing and instilling the new information or skills it has learned. This is why most work places enforce lunches and breaks, because they understand the mind needs time to stop what it is doing. A vacation is the best time to allow the brain to do some serious catching up.
  3. Daydreaming Makes Room for Creativity
    One side of the brain is focused and disciplined, while the other side of the brain is less so, allowing the mind to wander and daydream. A workaholic is constantly putting that part of the brain away and overworking the focused side. However, this overloads the focused side of the brain and the creative side will begin to deteriorate if not used. If you let your brain daydream and think about whatever it wants to, the imaginative and creative side will light up and being to work feverishly making it much easier to come up with bright, fresh ideas for when you go back to work. Approximately 53% of United States workers report feeling refreshed after a vacation.
  4. More Vacation Rentals = Happier Person
    People who take time off and make time for vacations are a happier breed of human. In a study of 1,500 Dutch adults, 974 of them took vacations and showed signs of increased happiness for over two weeks once they were back. A happy person is always more productive and efficient. Happiness in your personal life plays a huge part in the happiness in your professional life. If you cannot find joy outside of work, chances are you will take it out on your work and co workers.
  5. Vacation Makes Bosses Better Leaders
    Has your boss ever come back from vacation so determined and full of vision for the company? That's the fault of the vacation! It's hard to see the company from an outside view, or even a different side when you are constantly working, but being able to sit among island condos, stare at the water and envision your company from a whole different angle can give some great perspective for bosses. They'll be able to see the big picture instead of all the little, meaningless issues that happen every day that have seemed to become such a big deal.

So, as you can see, vacation can actually help and enhance your work. Island fishing isn't just for old, retired guys. It's for young executives, determined to make a difference in this world. Sometimes, just getting out of the city for a few days can be just what the doctor ordered!


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