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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

A Better Place to Celebrate Your Anniversary

island vacation rentalsParis, Rome, Las Vegas -- all great places to spend your anniversary if you like weeding through crowds of tourists and buying tickets for tacky shows you don't even want to see. If you love hotel breakfast buffets and lobby coffee, if you dream about gift shops, or if the shrieking of tired children is music to your ears, you can have your ideal anniversary in any of these high-volume tourist cities.

Chances are, though, you are looking for something a little more romantic, relaxed, and private. Why would you want to celebrate your marriage in an environment more stressful than your office or the grocery store on a Sunday?

A survey shows that at least four out of 10 travelers feel more romantic when they are on vacation. Those couples were most likely found on a quiet island, and not surveyed at the slot machines in Vegas. Couples looking for romance will not be disappointed after checking out island vacation rentals here in the United States.

Over half of travelers report feeling refreshed and well-rested after vacation, and 49% said that they sleep in later on vacation. Beachfront condos serve as the perfect place to be alone with your significant other, together enjoying the warmth of the sun, the touch of the breeze, and a frosty margarita. The privacy of your own rental home will allow you to sleep without disruption from other travelers.

Think of all the things the two of you can do together on a Florida island vacation. Golfing, island fishing, swimming, or simply resting--it is all up to you; there is no itinerary or tour guide.

If this sounds like your perfect romantic anniversary getaway, you need to check out Florida's island vacation rentals. On the other hand, if you wish to serenade your lover to the shrieks of over-tired children and come home with cheap gift shop souvenirs like a keychain with your name on it, go ahead and book your overpriced flight to Paris, or Rome, or Las Vegas. When bachelorette parties and high school trips disrupt your romantic night out, just remember that you had options.


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