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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

The Do's and Don'ts of Packing For a Beach Vacation

condosYou've gotten through the harsh winter and as a springtime reward, you've booked yourself a week-long getaway at a beachfront condo. Your resort pulls out all the stops, including island fishing, bike rentals, a pool, and even a small library to rent books from. You've finally booked the luxury vacation of your dreams, and you're set to leave in a week.

However, you realize that there's one small, stress-inducing problem that you have yet to approach: you have no idea what to pack. Luckily, there's no need to fret. Vacations are supposed to help you relax -- in fact, 53% of vacation goers say that they feel refreshed after a getaway. That being said, packing shouldn't be a struggle. To help you on your quest, we've provided some expert packing tips for your next vacation rental getaway:

What to Bring:
Luckily, most beachfront condos are equipped with the basics, such as towels. That being said, you won't need to waste the extra space in your case stuffing in fluffy towels. When it comes to packing for a beachfront vacation, it's important to stick to basics. For a week away, it's wise to pack two active outfits, one fancy outfit, and two to three casual outfits. Along with that, pack a pair of sandals, one pair of dress shoes, and one pair of sneakers. Pack one sweatshirt for chilly nights. Of course, bring sun protection in the form of sunglasses, a hat, and SPF 50 sunscreen.

What NOT to Bring
Vacations are meant to be restorative. In fact, three out of four executives believe that vacations are essential in order to prevent burnout. And upon returning from vacation, more than half of all people feel rested and more relaxed. That being said, this is not a good time to bring your work laptop or cell phone. In fact, you might as well just unplug entirely. Vacation islands with condos such as Sanibel Island have zero traffic lights, for Pete's sake! If an entire island of 6,000 residents can slow down, you should be able to also. Take this time away as a chance to reflect, relax, and recharge -- without the use of technology.


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