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Fun Facts About the Sunshine State


How much do you know about the Sunshine State? Known for its warm weather, vacation condos, popular theme parks, and dangerous reptiles, Florida has always been a great destination for retirees and vacationers alike.

Fun Facts About Florida

  • Key West has the highest average temperature in the U.S.

  • The moonstone is the official state gem of Florida. However, moonstone is not native to Florida, nor was it found on the moon.

  • For Lauderdale has 185 miles of local waterways, earning it the nickname "Venice of America."

  • Florida is home to two rivers both with the same name: The Withlacoochee in north central Florida and the Withlacoochee in central Florida.

  • The state of Florida is 15,409 square miles larger than England, though most is made up of swampland.

  • Both alligators and crocodiles live in south Florida, making it the only place on earth where the two animals coexist in the wild.

  • The Florida Keys seceded from the United States in 1982, declaring themselves the Conch Republic. Prime Minister Dennis Wardlow declared war against the U.S., but within two minutes, he surrendered and requested $1 million in foreign aid.

  • Sarasota is home to the only Amish beach resort in the world. Busloads of Amish and Mennonite vacationers flock to the neighborhood known as Pinecraft between December and April.

  • The annual Interstate Mullet Toss is an event during which participants throw dead fish over the state line into Alabama.

  • Only four states have lower taxes than Florida.

  • With 87.3 million visitors in 2011, Florida is the number one travel destination in the world. The tourism industry has an impact of $67 billion on Florida’s economy.

  • There are more than 1,300 golf courses in the state of Florida.

  • As many as 1,000 new people move to Florida every day.

  • Wherever you are in Florida you are never more than 60 miles from the ocean.

  • Florida has 663 miles of beaches.

  • In Florida it is illegal to sing in public while wearing a swimsuit.

  • It is illegal for an unmarried woman to go parachuting on Sundays.

  • Walt Disney World Resort is approximately the same size as the city of San Francisco.

  • Key West has more bars per capita than any other place in the United States.

For your next vacation, check out beachfront condos for rent on the beautiful shorelines of the country's southernmost continental state. See for yourself why Florida is the top travel destination in the world.


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