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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Total Vacation Relaxation Tips for the Workaholic


A recent survey revealed that just over half of people feel more rested and relaxed upon returning from vacation. But if only 53% feel relaxed, then what are the other 47% doing wrong? Isn’t the purpose of vacation to come back feeling well-rested and rejuvenated?

If you are one of those type-A workaholics, you are probably pretty good at what you do. But let’s face it: relaxing is not your strong suit. You probably don’t feel refreshed after vacation because you never truly took the time out to just do nothing. Chances are, you brought that same go-getter attitude to the beach with you, and that can be exhausting. Here are some tips on how to let go and make the most out of your leisure time.

Tips for Total Vacation Relaxation

  • Choose the right location: Go someplace calm, serene, picturesque. If you think you are going to feel good after a weekend at an amusement park, think again. You need to give your senses a break. No place on earth is more soothing than a clean beach with a warm breeze.

  • Choose the right vacation accommodations: Hotels are overrated. They are crowded, loud, overpriced, and about as far from leisurely and serene as you can get. For privacy and ultimate relaxation, check out beachfront condos and other types of private vacation rentals where you can enjoy your own space away from the crowds.

  • Don’t overschedule: Slow down. Be flexible. You are so used to planning out your day to the very last second, but on vacation, you just need to loosen up and listen to your own natural rhythm. Don’t look at your watch. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re tired, sleep. Around 49% of people say that they sleep later when they are on vacation. Try it! There’s no rush to be anywhere.

  • Bring on the romance: At least four out of 10 travelers report that they feel more romantic while on vacation. Bring along your significant other and take some time to bond. How often do you really get to just be together during your busy day-to-day lives?

What else can you do to make sure you maximize your relaxation time on vacation? If you have any of your own tips and tricks, feel free to share them in the comments section!

For now, don't spend too much time planning it out. Go online, check out vacation condos, and get yourself to the beach.


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