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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Three Reasons Your Beach Vacation Should Be in an Oceanfront Rental This Year

beachfront condosMore than 50% of travelers report feeling more rested and relaxed after returning from vacation, and one of the biggest contributing factors is where they decide to stay while on vacation.

Sanibel Island is a popular destination for families and couples alike for various reasons, but the biggest draw to the island by far is its beautiful beachfront condos. The idea of renting a condo instead of staying at a hotel may seem strange to some, but here are three benefits that may have you booking your Florida vacation in a beachfront condo.

Plenty of Space for All
Being cooped up in a small hotel room with limited resources is sure to put a damper on your vacation time. In a beachfront rental, you'll have all the space you need. Whether you're vacationing with the whole family, a group of friends, or your sweetheart, any vacation rental is sure to offer enough space to roam and rest comfortably.

More Authentic Spaces
If you're a regular traveler, every hotel room may start to feel the same. However, renting a condo offers more unique accommodations. The place you're staying in will often reflect the setting of the area surrounding it. For example, a Sanibel Island condo may offer displays of some of the near 250 species of shells that can be found and collected along the beaches there.

Live Like a Local
While walking in and out of a hotel can enhance the awkward tourist feeling during vacation, settling into a cozy beachfront condo can make you feel like one of the locals. Your own kitchen and living space will make it easy to feel like you're coming home after a long day of activities in the pristine island town. Not only that, but you won't have to worry about being surrounded by other tourists and harried business people.

With a strict building code and a mere 6,000 permanent residents, Sanibel Island may feel like it's one of Florida's best-kept secrets, but beautiful beachfront condos may just be Sanibel's best-kept secret. It's no ordinary beach vacation when you have a gorgeous beachfront home to come back to.


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