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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

5 Reasons Your Vacation Should Take You to Florida This Year

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Approximately 1,000 new residents move to Florida every day, and even if you're not planning on staying permanently, it's easy to see why so many people do!

With 87.3 million visitors in the span of a single year, Florida is the world's top travel destination.

Some may attribute Florida's popularity to the Disney and Universal theme parks, but its vast, ecologically rich lands have so much more to offer than just theme parks. In fact here are five reasons you should put Florida at the top of your vacation destination list.


While most people come for the fun and sun, Florida actually has a deep and rich history to offer to its visitors and residents. Vacation rentals in or near historic locations offer easy access to cultural history, as well as local cuisine and learning opportunities that can make any family vacation interesting.

Natural Sites

Florida is home to over a dozen national parks, monuments, and seashores, all of which provide the perfect opportunity for an explorer to test their mettle. Not only that, but Florida's nature preserves are a great opportunity to learn about the local wildlife, as well as have adventurous encounters with creatures like peacocks and alligators.


Florida is known for many things, and watersports is one of the biggest things there is. The crystal clear waters of the Florida shore offer endless opportunities for kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, and a multitude of other activities that are fun for the whole family.


It's nearly impossible to have fun in the sun without visiting a Florida beach. Vacation condos have become a big part of vacationing in Florida, largely in part because of the availability of beachfront condos that allow immediate access to activities like shell hunting and sunbathing. Many northerners make an annual winter pilgrimage to vacation condos to escape the brutal winter back home, while families from all over the world flock to Florida over the summer.

Hidden Paradises

Florida is home to countless hidden paradises. Places like Cabbage Key and Sanibel Island boast small towns, prime island fishing, and vacation condos that could make any trip a romantic getaway. In fact, Sanibel Island only has about 6,000 permanent residents and nearly 15 miles of pristine beaches, making it feel like a true hidden gem secreted away in Florida's expanses.

Vacationing in Florida is so much more than theme parks and rides. If you want a gorgeous getaway complete with small town vibes, rich culture, gorgeous scenery, wildlife, and opportunities to make amazing memories, a Florida vacation should be at the top of your list.

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