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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Need a Place to Stay? 4 Benefits of Renting a Vacation Condo


The United States draws tourists from every corner of the globe. But what's the most popular vacation spot in the greatest country on earth?

Reeling in more than 87 million visitors in the span of one year, Florida is the world's top travel destination. However, with so many people traveling to the sunshine state, it can be hard to find a place to stay that fits both your budget and your expectations.

To make your vacation a little more exciting (and affordable), why not try a vacation condo rental? Most of these beachfront condos offer gorgeous views of the ocean, as well as a multitude of other benefits. The longer you plan on visiting, the more practical Sanibel condo rentals become.

Still on the fence? Here are a few benefits that vacation rentals have to offer.

In-House Laundry

The vast majority of vacation rentals come with a washing machine and a dryer, which allows you to do your own laundry when you need to. Beach towels have too much sand on them? Throw them in the wash so they're ready to use tomorrow! Not only does it reduce the amount of laundry you'll have to do when you get home, it can actually reduce the amount of clothing you need to pack.

Cook What You Want

Although a nice dinner out is great, it's even better to save a little bit of money and eat in your own condo. At least 40% of travelers feel more romantic while on vacation, and nothing is more romantic than cooking a meal with your sweetheart and enjoying it in the privacy of your own space.


Speaking of privacy, that's another one of the many benefits that come with renting a condo for vacation. Why stay in a hotel where there are nosy neighbors and people bustling all around when you could have a space all to yourself? The privacy of condos allows you to set your own schedule, rather than run on one the hotel has set forth.

Hidden Paradises

One of the best parts about vacation rentals is the hidden paradises they can help you discover. Sanibel Island, for instance, has an abundance of gorgeous beachfront rentals, not to mention some gorgeous beaches. In fact, more than 250 species of shells have been discovered on the small barrier island, making it the perfect location for beach lovers.

You never know what you'll find when you're visiting Florida. From bright lights to hidden paradises, the sunshine state is filled with adventure. You should be able to bask in it like a true Florida local!

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