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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

The Workaholic's Complete Guide to Actually Enjoying Your Beach Vacation

vacation rentalSometimes, even vacation can feel like a chore. While the whole point of planning your vacation was to relax and leave stress behind for awhile, some people get so caught up in planning and doing things that they need a vacation from their vacation!

If you're one of those people who over-schedules their vacation, here are a few tips to help you actually enjoy your vacation, relax, and take in all of the beautiful sights.

Go Somewhere Truly Peaceful
You can book vacation rentals anywhere in the world, but instead of booking one in a busy metropolitan area, try booking a private space in one of Florida's quiet, hidden paradises. Approximately 1,000 new people move to Florida every day, and the lush flats and serene beaches are definitely part of the appeal. A beach vacation just might be exactly what your brain needs to relax.

Don't Over-Schedule Yourself
When you're in a new place and taking in new sights, it can be easy to schedule a ton of events. However, that can often make you feel frantic and stressed, which is the opposite of what you actually want to be doing here. Instead, take one event each day, and make sure to take a day to simply relax. Island fishing can be a great way to spend a whole day and get some peace of mind. Or, if you prefer, leave one day wide open to go exploring.

Savor the Moment
If you're in a beautiful little place like Sanibel Island in Florida, you should take the chance to savor every moment you have there. Discover some of the over 250 species of shells on the island's beaches right outside your vacation rental condo, or simply take a day to walk around and admire the beauty of the place you're staying.

Ditch the Social Media
While it's great to give friends and family occasional updates from your vacation, don't let technology consume you while you're away. Take some pictures, save them for later, and simply enjoy the people you're spending time with. After all, those are the relationships that really matter in the end.

Approximately 53% of travelers feel refreshed after vacation, but if more people followed these tips, that number would surely grow. Put that beachfront condo to good use while you have it and take some genuine time to relax, soak in your surroundings, and find real peace of mind.


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