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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation

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We all need to take a break from the pressure of daily life. Of course, taking a vacation often signifies a much-needed break from the responsibilities of your job, but did you know that going on a getaway has many positive effects on your physical and mental well-being? Here are four surprising ways a vacation can have a positive impact on your health:

  • Stress reduction

    The most obvious health impact of taking a vacation is the effect it can have on your stress levels. Whether you opt for traditional hotel rooms or island vacation rentals with a beachfront condo, taking a trip for pleasure can keep you from burning out on the job. In fact, three out of four executives (78%) believe that vacations prevent this burnout from occurring. Many job-related illnesses and accidents can be attributed to workplace stress, so your vacation accommodations can make a big difference in your ability to handle various job pressures and duties.

  • Increased productivity

    Not only will a vacation rental decrease your stress, but taking a trip can actually make you more productive when you're back at work. Fully 75% of executives feel vacations improve their job performance, and 68% believe that vacations can help boost their creativity. The change of pace a vacation provides can allow employees to think in new ways and focus on the job at hand. The basic idea is that workers who take vacations are generally happier than those who don't, and when employees are happy at work, they thrive in their environment.

  • Prevents heart disease

    Strange as it may sound, studies have shown that men with heart disease who skipped vacations were more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who took a week or more off from work each year. Studies have also found that women who don't take regular vacations are more likely to develop heart disease or have a heart attack than those who took at least two vacations a year. If your doctor basically recommends you take a vacation, you have no excuse not to book island vacation rentals for your next trip.

  • Promotes better sleep

    When you don't have the stresses of your job on your mind, your body can reset its sleep pattern while on vacation. You'll also get a break from some of the behaviors that prohibit proper sleeping habits, like staring at our computer screens before bed and working odd hours. When you have less to worry about, your body and mind can focus on one thing: your own rest and relaxation.

If you want to get away from it all and explore paradise itself, consider island vacation rentals for your next vacation. Our beautiful oceanfront rentals will provide the perfect backdrop for your break from reality. Contact us today to find out more about vacation rentals in Sanibel Island.


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