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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

The Essential Beach Safety Checklist

condos for rentIf you've booked your vacation condo rental on Sanibel Island, you're no doubt looking forward to spending some time on the sand. With 15 miles of pristine white sand beaches (and only 6,000 year-round residents), Sanibel is the perfect place to soak up some sun on the Florida Gulf. But while spending time on the beach is all about fun and relaxation, you do need to take certain precautions when you're oceanside. This essential beach safety checklist will keep you healthy, happy, and free from danger while you're enjoying your vacation at one of our Sanibel Island condos for rent.

  • Check the forecast 
    Although the majority of the weather you'll experience while enjoying your Sanibel Island weekly rentals will be sunny and clear, stormy days do sometimes occur. You'll be able to see the current conditions right outside your beachfront condo, but that doesn't always give a good indication of what it'll be like all day. Before you plan to spend your entire day on the beach, check the daily forecast. If there's a prediction for heavy wind or lightning, you'll probably want to make other plans for the afternoon.
  • Protect your skin 
    Most people who book vacation condos for rent are looking to get a little color, but it's still very important to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays. It takes only a few sunburns to significantly increase your risk for developing melanoma. Slather on sunscreen that's SPF 15 or higher every couple of hours. We provide beach umbrellas to give you even more sun protection. If you're especially fair-skinned, you'll want to bring a hat. Your eyes need protection, too -- so don't forget your sunglasses.
  • Stay hydrated 
    You may not realize how much water you're losing while swimming and sweating. That's why it's important to drink plenty of fresh water while you're at the beach. If you don't, you could easily become dizzy or disoriented. If you're running on the beach or swimming in the ocean, you should drink six to eight ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes. You should also hydrate before heading down to the water.
  • Know how to handle currents
    Rip currents can be very frightening and dangerous for swimmers of all levels. When waves don't break evenly, this can cause circulation that produces a particularly strong channel of water. If you get caught up in this channel, or rip current, the results can be hazardous -- especially if you don't know how to react. Stay away from choppy water that extends out from the shore. If you do get caught up in one, try to stay calm. Saving your energy will help you. Do not swim against the current. Instead, swim horizontally to the shoreline until you make your way out of the current. After that, you'll want to swim in a diagonal direction towards the shore. If you run out of energy or are unable to swim to that point, wave your arms or get attention in any way you can.
  • Obey lifeguards and posted signs 
    Warning signs, markers, and lifeguards are there for your safety. Most beaches, like the ones near our condos for rent, will have different colored flags that indicate how strong the ocean current is. Make sure you know what posted signs and flags mean before heading into the water. If there's a lifeguard on duty, stick close by and ask for clarification on anything you don't understand. 

If you follow this safety checklist, you'll be in great shape to enjoy every minute of your vacation. Our beachfront condos for rent are ideal for those who want to get some much-needed RandR in the sand and the sun. Contact us today for our rates and availability here on the beautiful Sanibel Island.


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