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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Why Snowbirds Should Consider Renting Vacation Condos in Florida

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After our 50th winter, many of us get the urge to get out of the cold and head south for the winter. While many retirees dream of the day they can move to a warm climate permanently, others may change their plans when they realize they'll be away from their loved ones. The ideal solution to those winter blues?

A beachfront condo rental in Sanibel Island! With vacation condos, you're able to get the best of both worlds: you'll have a relaxing, refreshing vacation in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida, but you won't have to deal with a long term commitment or the significant financial burden of owning or renting a second home. If you're still not convinced that Sanibel Island condos are right for your winter getaway, consider the following:

You can escape from the cold in Florida
There's a reason why Florida is such a popular destination for snowbirds. In the wintertime, temperatures here average a balmy 68.5 degrees Fahrenheit. That's quite the change for many northerners! Even if you opt for weekly vacation rentals, you'll still feel revitalized from your getaway and ready to take on the rest of the winter. Many snowbirds will even break up the doldrums of winter by planning two or three short visits throughout the season. Some time in the sun is just the thing to get you through another cold, harsh winter.

You won't have to leave the grandkids for long
When you decide on a permanent or seasonal move, you have to sacrifice time with your family. But if you rent vacation condos for a week or two, you can get your fill of sun and sand without having to be separated from your loved ones for a long period. Plus, you'll be able to come back home and share your vacation memories with the ones you care about most! If you do decide to stay for a month or more, it's a great excuse for the grandkids to come for a visit on spring break. In fact...

You can even bring the whole family to your Sanibel Island condo rental
One of the best things about our vacation condos is that many of our units sleep up to 6 people! That means that you will have the freedom to bring the whole family along on one of your trips. And because they come fully furnished with completely equipped kitchens and fantastic amenities, you'll never have to feel like you're compromising on comfort.

Want to find out more about our renowned condo rentals? Contact us today for more information or to get started on your booking! We'd love to see you in Sanibel Island this winter!


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