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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

3 Ways to Take More Vacation Time in 2017

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January is winding down, which means your New Year's resolution should be in full swing. According to a Google Consumer Survey, the most common resolution last year for Americans was to live life to its fullest. In addition, 78% of executives feel that taking a vacation is necessary for preventing burnout, and 75% feel vacations improve their job performance. Booking vacation rental accommodations would be a great way to accomplish their goal and perform better at work. But too many Americans are passing on their paid vacation times due to increased pressures to stay at work.

In fact, Expedia's annual Vacation Deprivation report showed that American workers took much less time off than the rest of the world. On average, Americans used an average of 12 vacation days, even though they were allowed 15. In comparison, workers in Spain get 30 vacation days per year -- and use all of them. Among the primary reasons for skipping their owed vacations? Guilt and worry.

It's more important than ever for employees to maintain a work-life balance, and one of the best ways to do that is to take the vacation days they are entitled to. Vacations are meant to help one recharge, but many people admit to working while on vacation! To alleviate some of the guilt and worry you might feel about taking some time away, here are three tips to use and enjoy your vacation time this year:

  1. Plan early

    Studies have shown that the positive emotional and mental effects you get from planning your vacation may even be stronger than what you feel while on the vacation itself. That's just one reason why you should start planning your vacation as early as possible. Of course, it will be to your benefit to book your beachfront condo rentals months in advance, as the selection will be better. Doing so will also ensure that you get your preferred time off from work and won't be able to back out due to work pressures. If there's a particularly busy season for your industry, you can also reduce some of that guilt and worry by planning your vacation during an "off" time.

  2. Provide advance notice

    By planning your vacation condo rental early on, you'll be able to notify your superiors and coworkers much sooner. That means your boss can anticipate your time off and you'll be in a better position to delegate your responsibilities. If you leave these arrangements until the last minute, you might have trouble relaxing while you're away. But taking the time to communicate with your peers and boss will also show your high level of responsibility and how much you care about your position within the company.

  3. Remember that you've earned a vacation

    Your vacation arrangement was agreed upon when you accepted your position, and you are entitled to use each and every one of those vacation days. You may feel a lot of pressure to be at work, but think about it like this: using your vacation days is no different from getting your paycheck. It's compensation that you are owed and that was agreed upon. If your company's culture doesn't line up with your own beliefs and your agreement with the organization, you need to do what you can to take care of yourself. You deserve your vacation days, so don't feel bad about using them.

If you really want to take advantage of your vacation time, weekly condo rentals in Sanibel, Florida will provide the picturesque beauty and RandR time you're after. To find out more or to reserve your vacation condo rental, contact us today!

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