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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Bask in the Sunshine of Sanibel Island In Our Island Condos

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Have you been looking for the perfect summer (or winter) getaway? Consider looking at vacation rentals on Sanibel Island, which is known for dreamy island condos, oceanfront views, and plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. And if you're looking for a smaller complex of island condos that are family oriented and quiet, yet still offer plenty of accommodations and activities, you've come to the right spot.

Our island condos offer free boat dockage, bike rentals, shelling, and plenty of picnic tables, grills, and fishing spots. We also offer WiFi and a heated pool. Plus, our condos in Sanibel Island are only 1.5 miles from the historic Sanibel Lighthouse, if you're interested in seeing a historical spot! Simply put, for vacation rentals, you can't beat our welcoming and friendly condo complex. Many of our guests also have made friends here with whom they return year after year. Simply put, you can create the perfect mix of relaxation and sightseeing when you book our vacation condos.

Why are Vacations So Important?

Feeling guilty about taking time off? Don't, you deserve it. Here are some reasons you need to escape to these gorgeous island condos in Sanibel Island.

  • R and R

    Rest and relaxation is incredibly important -- 75% of executives believe that vacations are necessary to keep them from burning out. Over half of people feel more refreshed and relaxed -- and better rested -- when they get back from a vacation. Four-fifths of affluent leisure travelers say that vacations are important to their well-being.

  • Romance

    A vacation can help boost the romance levels too -- more than 40% of travelers feel more romantic during their vacation, so if you and your sweetheart want a getaway, come escape to our beautiful island for some much needed time alone.

  • Family Time

    Vacations can also be a great time for families to spend quality time together, away from the pressures of work, school, and any extracurricular activities. Try unplugging and enjoying a swim, birdwatching, or even fishing as a family. It's a time to reconnect and enjoy each other's company.

Why Come to Sanibel Island in Particular?

Florida is a popular destination spot for tourists and the top travel destination in the world, with about 87 million visitors recorded in 2011. The tourism industry contributes more than $65 billion per year to the state economy. Whether it's for the sun, the parks, the sea, or the golf (there are over 1,300 golf courses in Florida), millions flock to the Sunshine State. Given that the average yearly temperature in South Florida, where Sanibel Island is located, is around 82 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 68.5 in the winter. The attraction isn't hard to figure out.

Sanibel is a barrier island on the southern Gulf coast of Florida with no traffic lights and plenty of natural attractions, such as birdwatching, shelling, and fishing. It's small, only 33 square miles, but there are over 250 types of shells that have been identified here (so far), and searching for shells at dawn is an activity that many early-rising visitors enjoy.

There's also a strict building code, which keeps plenty of room on the island by controlling tourism flow. There are only 6,000 locals who live on Sanibel year round, and there are 15 miles of beautiful white sand beaches for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. That leaves plenty of room to roam, even during peak tourist season. Additionally, the building code on Sanibel Island keeps buildings low (there are only two buildings that are over three stories tall), which allows for pristine views of the sunrise and sunset.

Boating and fishing enthusiasts will love Sanibel Island and all it has to offer, while nature enthusiasts can enjoy local flora and fauna to their hearts' content. If one doesn't feel like exploring, simply enjoy the beaches, the clubhouse, or take in the sun by our heated pool.

If you're thinking about booking your next vacation spot, choose our Sanibel Island condos. It's impossible not to feel relaxed in our amazing condos, with plenty of amenities, sunshine, and activities.

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