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The Sanibel Arms Vacation Guide

Why You'll Get Hooked on Sanibel Island Fishing

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There's so much to do here on Sanibel Island. From swimming and sunbathing to biking and shell-hunting, you'll certainly never be bored when you stay at one of our Sanibel Island condos. But one of the most popular activities for our visitors, by far, is saltwater fishing. Our 33-square mile island is right on Florida's southern Gulf coast, so whether you want to try some off-shore fishing on a boat or would love to do some fishing on the beach, you have tons of options.

If you want to fit in some fishing time during your stay at one of our Sanibel Island vacation rentals, you're in luck. Your fishing excursions are sure to go swimmingly with our brief guide.

Year-Round Sanibel Island Fishing
One of the best parts about fishing during your stay at one of our island vacation rentals? There are plenty of fish in the sea (or gulf, in our case). No matter what time of year, there'll be an abundance of sea trout, snappers, grouper, mackerel, and more to catch. Different seasons have additional offerings, like tarpon in the summer and sheepshead in the winter.

While some fish can be found in almost any Sanibel Island fishing location, if you're bent on reeling in a certain specimen, you might need to tailor your plans accordingly.

Offshore Fishing
If you want to do some offshore fishing on Sanibel or Captiva, keep in mind that you can choose to fish in either state or federal waters. The state waters are closer to the island itself; they're fairly distinctive, with their emerald green hue. They stretch from the shore to nine miles out. Most fishing activity occurs here, so it's a great spot to catch snook, redfish, Florida pompano, and even shark. The clear blue waters that extend out beyond those nine miles are designated as U.S. federal waters. Here, you can catch all sorts of grouper, as well as various kinds of snapper and hogfish. Offshore fishing guides do need to be licensed, and if you want to fish in federal waters, you need a restricted access federal permit to do so.

Inshore and Fly Fishing

If you'd rather stick a bit closer to home (or to your condo, rather), you can choose to do some inshore or fly fishing instead. The fish will still be abundant when you stay nearer to the shore, with lots of snook, seatrout, tarpon, and redfish to be caught, as well as barracuda and flounder. Specifically interested in reeling in some tarpon? Plan to stay at one of our Sanibel Island vacation rentals any time from mid-April through June. Fishing in saltwater is a bit different than fishing in fresh water, so our island guides can be a valuable resource in making the necessary adjustments. Not only are our vacation rental condos steps away from the beach, but Sanibel Arms even offers dockside fish cleaning facilities for your convenience. That means you won't have to go far to enjoy your favorite hobby.

Spring is right around the corner, which means prime fishing season isn't far behind. If you're looking for the best vacation rentals for fishing, contact us today!


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